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What Kind of Material is Suitable for Solar Support?

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As an important part of solar PV mounting system, the photovoltaic support carries the main body of the photovoltaic power station. The choice of support directly affects the operational safety, damage rate and construction investment of photovoltaic modules. Choosing a suitable photovoltaic support will not only reduce the project cost, but also reduce the subsequent maintenance costs.

01 Aluminum alloy bracket

The weight of the aluminum alloy bracket material is generally about 2.71g / ㎡, the deformation of its profile is about 2.9 times that of steel, and the strength is about 70% of the strength of the steel. Anti-corrosion generally adopts anodizing measures, and the minimum average oxide film thickness is not less than 15 And aluminum can automatically form a protective film in the air, no need for anticorrosive maintenance in later use. Therefore, the aluminum alloy bracket has the characteristics of light weight, beautiful and durable, and corrosion resistance, but its bearing capacity is low and the price is high, which is about three times the price of steel. Aluminum solar panel mounting system is generally used in distributed photovoltaic projects on building roofs that require load bearing.

02 Galvanized steel bracket

Galvanized steel brackets generally use Q235 steel as the main material. The so-called section steel refers to strip steel with a certain cross-sectional shape and size. The main types are I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, square steel, C-shaped steel, H-shaped steel, etc. The weight of this material is generally about 7.85g / ㎡, and the mechanical strength is high. The thickness of the plate used for the main beam and column should not be less than 2.5mm.


Single Structure Solar PV Bracket Systems

03 Flexible bracket

The flexible support is a prestressed steel cable structure, and its structure is composed of a pile foundation, a column component, an end beam component, a steel cable fastener, and a battery plate fixing component. The stent material is mainly any one or a combination of steel strands, steel ropes, cables, cables, or steel chains. Its anti-corrosion generally adopts hot-dip galvanizing treatment measures, and the thickness of the galvanized layer is not less than 65um. Later use requires anti-corrosion maintenance. The solar mounting brackets can save engineering costs, save 30% -40% of steel compared with photovoltaic brackets under the same conditions, and can resist 16 typhoons. 

04 Stainless steel (304) bracket

The stainless steel (304) bracket has good weather resistance, high recyclable value, but high material cost, so it is rarely used at present.

05 Non-metallic bracket

The non-metallic stent is mainly made of fiber composite material, which has the characteristics of light weight, good strength, good stress and low cost. But because it is a new type of material, its characteristics need to be tested by actual projects and currently it is less used.