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What is the Installation Process of Roof Solar Energy?

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In our family life, solar water heaters can be said to be the most widely used type of water heater, and our general solar water heaters are installed on our rooftops, so today in order to enhance everyone's understanding, here are some installation methods of our roof mounting systems for everyone to know.

Transportation and Placement: The installation of solar water heaters should be carried lightly. The solar water heaters should be placed in a place with enough sunlight and leveled. They should be firmly connected to the roof with No.8 wire or expansion screws or cement, and a hard object should be placed under the bracket.

Exhaust port: The exhaust port must not be blocked. The tee should be installed first. The upper end of the tee can only be connected to a 200mm high exhaust pipe, and no pipe can be directly connected. Otherwise, it may swell or pump the water tank due to poor ventilation. The lower port of the tee is connected to the overflow and flow pipe.

Vacuum tube: After the front and rear brackets relate to bucket holders and ribs (the stainless-steel square tube bracket has stainless-steel connecting pieces for tightening). Place the water tank on the bucket holder. Note that the vacuum tube hole of the water tank corresponds to the bottom box of the bracket. Put the ABS plastic holder into the hole of the bottom box. Put the decorative dust-proof rubber ring on the vacuum tube with water, and seal the outside of the vacuum tube. Apply detergent as lubricant and insert water into the hole in the water tank. After all thevacuum tubes are inserted, adjust the angle of the water tank slightly. Then tighten the screws and insert the bottom of the vacuum tube into the corresponding ABS holder.

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Water pipe: When the inlet and outlet pipes are connected to the fittings, no water leakage is required. Do not screw the inlet and outlet pipes vigorously. To connect the upper and lower water pipes, try to use a special composite pipe or a glue pipe to reduce heat loss: the pipes should be insulated with thermal insulation materials, and the upper and lower water pipes are fixed on the support structure. The internal temperature of the vacuum tube can reach more than 250 degrees after air drying. At this time, the vacuum tube is easy to explode when entering cold water, so special attention should be paid.

Fill the vacuum tube with water, and fill it immediately after inserting it. Cover the vacuum tube for 3 hours. After the temperature in the tube drops, add water. The first time she was on the water in the evening (night) (2 hours after the sun sets in the summer). If the tap water pressure is insufficient, please install the booster pump by yourself. Installation of water heaters is a high-altitude operation, and you must pay attention to personal safety. Please read the installation manual carefully before installation, strictly follow the instructions, or ask professionals to install.

The above are some installation methods and some precautions for solar PV roof mounting systems introduced to everyone. In our future, if we need to install rooftop solar water heaters in our homes, we must pay attention to these issues. They are very important. After installation, our rooftop solar water heater can be used normally.