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Welcome to Solar Philippines in May

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After attending the Solar Philippines, we are going to attend the Solar Philippines. The Philippine Solar Show is the world's largest energy show. The event was a strategic meeting covering the market development of the solar industry. There are more than 200 speakers, 5,000 participants and 250 exhibitors. The event featured a series of products such as the Philippine Solar Show. He is a strategic meeting covering the solar industry such as the development of the solar energy industry in the Philippines. Next is the exhibition information:

Solar Vietnam

Both: 1F12

Dated: 20-21 May

Add: Manila

At this exhibition, our main products are rooftop solar mounting systems and hilly area solar mounting systems. Why do we mainly exhibit these two products in this exhibition? That's because we consider their needs from the perspective of Filipino customers. From its geographical location, the Philippine archipelago is dominated by mountains. Except for a few islands with a wide inland plain, most of the islands only have scattered narrow plains along the coast. The hilly area solar mounting systems are tailored for them. Hilly area solar mounting systems Suitable for hilly countries, Gobi Desert, grassland flats, etc. Based on the information you provide, such as geography, area, material, etc., engineers will take this information into account to customize the solution that best suits you. 

Looking forward to meeting you here in the exhibition.