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How to Install the Solar Bracket?

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With the advancement and development of science and technology, solar energy is becoming more and more intelligent, and its lifespan is continuously extended. Once installed, solar energy can work intelligently on its own, without manual operation and care. It can be set automatically within a day and even some can intelligently assist in heating. Regardless of the sun, even in rainy and snowy days, there is hot water at home after work, and it can be used as soon as it is turned on. The installation of solar structure bracket is indispensable. The solar support is an important supporting part of the solar water tank. It is another major component of the solar energy after the water tank and water pipes. As a professional solar mounting system manufacturer, we will give you a detailed explanation of the problem of sun mount installation.

Single Structure Solar PV Bracket Systems

In some coastal areas where daily wind power is large, consumers will pay special attention to whether the solar water heater has a strong wind resistance in the design when purchasing a solar panel mounting system. If the quality of the solar water heater is high, most of its solar brackets are aluminum alloy brackets, because it is thick and strong. During construction positioning, it must be ensured that the front pillar and the rear pillar of the steel pile are respectively on the same straight line and the straight lines formed by the front and rear pillars should be perpendicular to the two straight lines formed by the front pillar and the rear pillar, respectively. In addition, the straight line should not be bent, and the bending amount should be within 2mm. The height of the steel pile also has corresponding requirements, and the height of the top end must be at the same level. The distance between the foundation center between the front and rear pillars of the steel pile is about 3 meters, and the distance between the front pillar and the rear pillar is about 2 meters.

The center of the upper edge of the welded plate of the front pillar must be at the same horizontal height. After the corresponding length in the steel pile is reserved, the front pillar can be fixed. Determine the approximate installation angle according to the inclination required by the drawing, and at the same time, ensure that the center of the upper edge of the rear pillar welded plate reaches the same height. After retaining the length in the steel pile, the rear pillar can be fixed. After the front and rear pillars are fixed, it is important to install the stringer on the connection plate. The centerline of the stringer must coincide with the centerline of the front and rear pillars. The next step is the installation of the diagonal stays: one end of the diagonal stays is connected to the longitudinal beam, and the other end is connected to the pillar with a hoop. The positions of the longitudinal beams must be parallel to each other.

The installation of the solar structure bracket is not difficult, and the components should be assembled according to the instructions or design drawings. Use a wrench to tighten the screws appropriately. Remember that the steps of the stays are installed last. Consumers generally install solar water heaters on the roof and sit north to south, preferably in the direction of 5-10 degrees from south to west, because this direction is conducive to unobstructed sunlight and can increase the time of daylight.