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How are PV Solar Panels Attached to the Roof?

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PV solar panels have the capacity to capture sunlight and change it into the current. If you want to save yourself from electricity bills, then make the most of the solar panel mounting solutions

The roof is the best place to install PV solar panels. When sunlight hits these panels, then they convert it into electric current. This current could be stored or used in the home/building. If you want to install these panels, then it is imperative to read solar mounting system solutions over the web. Also, you should get a booklet about installing them. 

How are PV solar panels attached to the roof?

Attaching the PV solar panels to the roof is not a tough task. There are some steps that are easy to follow. You just need to perform these steps one by one, and the attachment will complete.

Step 1:

The first step you have to perform is to check out where the stanchions are going. Stanchions are the big screws that don’t let the panels move. The mounting has to be long-lasting and tough. To understand the proper location of the stanchions, you have to find the rafters on your roof. There are diverse rafters available in the market like stud finder or blueprint. Many solar panel mounting systems manufacturers are offering the top quality rafters. You can pick any of these rafters that suit your needs.

Step 2:

Now, you have to attach the screws to your rooftop. Make holes into the rafters with the help of the drilling machine.

Ground Steel Solar Mounting System

Step 3:

Place the screws into the holes and then secure them properly. Ensure that the lower and upper aluminum rails are attached to the stanchions. You have to use bolts to attach the stanchions to the rails. To achieve supreme tightness, you have to use an impact driver. After that, the screws must be sealed.

Step 4:

You have to measure the distance from the rails to install the solar panels. Put the measuring tape from the top of the rail to the bottom. Do this step on the other side with the help of the measuring tape. It is imperative to take the exact measurements. If the measurements are not equal, then you will have to face adjustment problems.

Step 5:

When you will make the rails in the square form, then you have to start installing the centre rail. This rail should be straight from the lower or upper rails.

Step 6:

You have to get power from the panels. Place wires into the panels and then run them to your kits. In this way, the conductor system will be made. You can get the suitable wires from the solar panel mounting manufacturers. Install the power inverter kit under every panel. Afterwards, you have to install a few gauges copper grounding wire on your inverter. It will finish up your conductor system. Make sure that your wire connections are formed from only one solar array to the other one.