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Current Status and Problems of Photovoltaic Agriculture

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Concept of photovoltaic agriculture

In a broad sense, photovoltaic agriculture is a new type of agriculture that widely applies solar energy to modern agricultural planting, breeding, irrigation, pest control, and agricultural machinery power. It takes the integrated agricultural grid connected power station of thin film solar energy facilities as the core, and integrates the functions of thin film solar power generation, agricultural optoelectronic engineering application and promotion, modern agricultural planting and breeding, processing and comprehensive utilization, agricultural planting and breeding technology exchange and promotion, talent training, sightseeing agriculture, agricultural products logistics and so on. Photovoltaic agriculture combines solar power generation, modern agricultural planting and breeding, and high-efficiency facility agriculture. It can be said that photovoltaic agriculture is a transformation of production mode to realize farm to factory and field to workshop transformation.

Current situation of photovoltaic agriculture

At present, in China, many people refer to photovoltaic, the first thought is hanergy, a global clean energy multinational company with the world's leading thin-film solar power generation technology. Taking hanergy as an example, its membrane power generation technology can be widely used in agricultural greenhouse, animal husbandry facilities, complementary fishing and light, photovoltaic water pump and other fields. It can be used as external materials for agricultural facilities, reduce agricultural power consumption, increase dimming function, provide power, etc. Among them, in the application of agricultural greenhouse, the thin-film solar power panel can penetrate red light and infrared light, and has uniform light transmission, which does not affect the growth of crops under the greenhouse. Its weight is also equivalent to the covering materials of general agricultural greenhouses, which can be perfectly combined with the greenhouses to keep warm and shade and increase the income of power generation.

Prospects of photovoltaic agriculture

China is a big country in agricultural facilities. By the end of 2014, the total area of agricultural facilities has been 4.109 million hectares, including 46% plastic greenhouses, 25% solar greenhouses and 29% small arch greenhouses. The area of agricultural facilities has continued to grow for more than 30 years, and the growth rate has slowed down in recent years. However, most of the agricultural facilities that have been built in the past have been in disrepair for a long time, and have entered the stage of transformation and renovation. Photovoltaic agriculture has huge market potential in the future.

First of all, agricultural shed solar mounting system is an important direction of national new energy development, and distributed photovoltaic is the top priority. The effective combination of facility agriculture and distributed photovoltaic can not only open up the blue ocean of photovoltaic market in the agricultural field, but also improve the scientific and technological content of agricultural planting and increase the income of owners.

Compared with traditional agriculture, photovoltaic agriculture has a high land utilization rate, long service life and strong weatherability, which has a strong demonstration effect on the efficient and large-scale agriculture and can be applied to the simultaneous interpreting of high value-added tourism and ecological agriculture, which will bring higher return on investment for owners. In the future, the development of animal husbandry will also shift from extensive type to modern and centralized type. The high-tech management of pig, sheep, chicken and duck houses has a good growth space for livestock and poultry. Due to the one-time high input, the roof is equipped with distributed power generation facilities, which becomes a new source of income for animal husbandry, and can also realize the energy conservation of the park. The complementary project of fishing and light is also one of the endless application models in recent years.


Secondly, the state is continuously and vigorously supporting the photovoltaic poverty alleviation work. It has formally incorporated photovoltaic agriculture into the photovoltaic poverty alleviation scope, established various fund-raising mechanisms such as national overall planning, local supporting, bank support, user investment, etc., encouraged and supported poverty-stricken areas to carry out photovoltaic agriculture poverty alleviation according to local conditions, so that the poor people can directly increase their income.

Application of photovoltaic products

 Compared with traditional pesticides, the biggest advantage of solar lamp is to replace pesticides or use less pesticides, which can ensure food safety.

At the same time, such products on the market have time control, rain control, light control, all-weather intelligent management and other functions. In addition to ordinary power products, some high-tech companies have also developed integrated outdoor solar lighting insecticidal lamps, indoor portable lighting insecticidal lamps and other products, which greatly facilitates farmers to carry out pest control.

 New type of solar energy ecological agricultural greenhouse this technology is a comprehensive grafting of solar photovoltaic power generation system, solar thermal system and new nano bionic ecological light conversion film technology to the traditional greenhouse greenhouse, achieving the effect of increasing efficiency and income.


 Solar photovoltaic farm is a new attempt to build photovoltaic power station on the roof of the farm by combining modern clean energy project with traditional breeding business, so as to transform and improve traditional animal husbandry and provide green energy. Meanwhile, its promotion and popularization can also play a positive role in improving the utilization level of new energy.

 The new rural solar power station is an innovative commercial attempt to share photovoltaic power generation system with villages as the unit, to build a photovoltaic power station in each village to serve the three rural areas. Considering that solar power generation technology has a large space for application and development in the construction of new rural areas, such products will have great potential in the future.

 Solar energy sewage purification system now, rural environmental pollution is increasingly severe, sewage is one of the major problems. The solar energy sewage purification system can be effectively used in sewage treatment process after transforming solar energy into heat and electricity. In this process, there is basically no secondary pollution and energy transfer.

 Small agricultural solar energy products, such as solar flashlight, solar horse lamp, solar charger, solar lighting mosquito lamp, etc. These products can provide great convenience for farmers in remote areas without electricity and power.

The products listed above are just a few representative and practical photovoltaic products. In fact, photovoltaic agriculture has broad application prospects in many other aspects.

 agricultural shed solar mounting system

Current problems

Photovoltaic agriculture has a bright future, but for ordinary farmers, there are many problems.

 High cost. At present, there are various forms of photovoltaic greenhouses, which can only be priced according to the actual situation, and the cost is generally more expensive than other ones. According to the capacity of 200kW that can be built in one mu of land, the installation cost is 8 yuan / W, and the total cost is 1.6 million yuan. With the investment of the shed, the price is much higher. If there are no local policies and subsidies, it's hard to say whether the income can come back. Maybe it will lose money.

 Crop planting. People should consider the light preference of plants when planting crops. Some plants do not need all day light, as long as a few hours to meet the needs of plant growth photosynthesis. It is also an option to plant photophobic plants, such as mushrooms, in greenhouses.

 There is no national industry construction standard for photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses, and each region is its own, which is not conducive to large-scale promotion. In some places, photovoltaic panels are placed behind the shed, which affects the lighting demand of the shed. In order to ensure the lighting and increase the spacing, the planting area is reduced and the agricultural land is wasted.

Photovoltaic power generation has a high cost and has not really entered the era of affordable Internet access. It is still in its infancy. Affected by many factors, it may not play an obvious role for our ordinary farmers. However, I believe that in the future, with the support of national policies and financial subsidies and the maturity of experience, photovoltaic will be more and more widely used in agriculture, and people will benefit more and more from it.

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