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Classification and selection skills of solar photovoltaic support

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It is well-known that how to make better use of unlimited solar energy resources is the most important issue in our society. Although there are some applications of solar photovoltaic support in our country at present, it is not popularized enough in quantity. Most people don't know much about solar photovoltaic support. Now, I'd like to share with you how to choose the PV bracket of solar PV mounting systems in the process of classification and use.


Photovoltaic support system is divided into three categories according to different installation ground:


The first is the photovoltaic system of sloping roof, the second is the photovoltaic system of flat roof, and the third is the large-scale ground photovoltaic system. All three systems have their own advantages and characteristics.


1、 The support of photovoltaic system on sloping roof is generally placed on the roof, so we must choose the support according to the type of roof. As for the photovoltaic support equipment of pitched roof, it is very suitable for the accessories of different thickness and adjustable height equipment of tile roof to meet the various application needs of customers. Moreover, its adjustment is also very convenient, which can realize the installation of support without damaging the roof -elf waterproof system.


2、 Flat roof photovoltaic system this kind of system support equipment is the support installation system of flat roof as the name implies, and its installation is more convenient. Because the installation ground is relatively flat, it is suitable for large-scale orderly laying and has a variety of stable and reliable foundation connection methods. We can also develop unique accessories according to customers' requirements, so that customers can get the maximum satisfaction.


3、 The most common photovoltaic support equipment of large-scale ground photovoltaic system is large-scale ground mounting system The large-scale ground photovoltaic system generally adopts the form of concrete strip foundation. This kind of support installation can quickly realize the installation, cooperate with large-scale ground photovoltaic system, and improve the progress of power station construction team members, so it is also the most widely used. The above are some types of photovoltaic support systems and their use characteristics. With the development of industry, steel solar mounting system will become more and more popular. Therefore, we should be careful when choosing equipment to make our life more convenient and faster. 


How to select photovoltaic support


At present, the solar photovoltaic support system widely used in China can be divided into three types: concrete support, steel support and aluminum alloy support.


1、 Concrete support is mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic power station. Because of its self importance, it can only be placed in the field and in the area with good foundation, but with high stability, it can support large-scale battery board.

2、 The steel support has stable performance, mature manufacturing process, high bearing capacity, simple installation, excellent corrosion resistance, beautiful and unique connection design, convenient and fast installation, simple and general installation tools, steel and stainless steel parts made of structural corrosion-resistant materials, with a service life of more than 20 years.

ground mounting system

3、 Aluminum alloy bracket is generally used in solar energy application on the roof of civil buildings. Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light weight, beautiful and durable, but its bearing capacity is low, so it can not be used in solar power station projects.

4、 Comprehensive performance comparison

(1) Aluminum alloy profiles are light in weight, beautiful in appearance and excellent in anti-corrosion performance. They are generally used in roof power plants, strong corrosive environments, chemical plants and other power plants with load-bearing requirements, and aluminum alloy supports will have better results.

(2) Steel with high strength and small deflection under load is generally used in power plants or parts with large stress.

(3) In terms of cost: generally, the basic wind pressure is 0.6kn/m2, and the span is less than 2m. The cost of aluminum alloy support is 1.3-1.5 times of that of steel structure support. In the small span system (such as color steel roof), the cost difference between aluminum alloy support and steel structure support is relatively small, and aluminum alloy is much lighter than steel support in terms of weight, so it is very suitable for roof power station.

In windy areas and with large span requirements, the use of steel support has obvious economic benefits.